The below bulleted list is of government resources that are advertised and marketed online to the public.  Any bullet with the note "(Undermined & Compromised)" indicates that based on the intel gathered on those agencies, departments, branches, offices, et al., the Alaska American citizen cannot expect those marked to provide any valid avenues to address grievances of government wrongdoing, gross incompetence, and criminal activity. 

It is revealed that the undermined and compromised government bodies are a “Brood of Vipers”, who outwardly appear righteous but inwardly are cowardly unrighteous, frauds, full of wickedness, malice, abominations, falsehood, and deceit.  Therefore, any Alaskan American citizen interacting with this brood will not receive the “good fruit” of Justice.  The brood will always sell the "agency, department, company, et al., presentation line" to keep the citizens on the hamster wheel...always moving, wasting time and energy in this nation of not laws, but of leverage.  Then PRESTO!  Government Oops & Obtuse. Nothing is corrected and the brood's way of life is richly rewarded, while the citizen is mocked and played like a fiddling fool.   

Government Marketing is paid for by taxpayers, of course.  Speaking of government marketing, consider this:  Do you think they are going to tell you they are criminally negligent to a spectacular degree?  Of course not.  Stop being distracted by their professional marketing visual and verbal comms. Stop just believing they are telling you the truth.  If you believe them, your belief is misplaced.  The government's systems, with corrupt and criminally negligent officials, politicians, department heads, executives, judges, and employees have betrayed us.  The system is so full of rot that there is no worldly American avenue left to address it. 

Take a good look around at the behavior of all these government employees, which includes ANY employee benefiting financially, directly, or indirectly via contract contacts from the government fiat.  What do you observe?  Look at their actions that are revealed right in our faces.  What do you hear?  Do you really think these government agents care about you and your family?  It is very clear the brood only cares about their class of society.

Now is the Time to turn to the Most High God who is Holy.  Repent & Pray.  Ask for guidance.  Only God can reveal where you and your family need to be to take refuge.  People, including the brood, are about to "reap what they sowed".

Be Discerning.  Prepare.

Our team supports Lady Donna 4 Congress.  Listen to her message.  

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