Our Focus

The Permeating Light Project is focused on investigating & advocating in order to educate on behalf of individuals within society who are marginalized, overlooked, poor, and/or under-estimated.  Our goal is to advocate for those who have been harmed spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, and/or physically by the system that causes more hardships than help.  ​We have determined that it is our civic duty to help advocate & educate on behalf of the marginalized by getting involved in national and worldwide civic issues.   

We are Not Grassroots.  We are the Water & Wind.  Ripples to Waves to Tsunami.  Rock The Boat and may the criminally negligent reap the whirlwind deluge.

For Our Children. 
For Justice.


April 2024Our PLP Facebook Page, the PLP Justice Group, and the below FB groups allowed us to gather the necessary information to proceed.  We are implementing Phase 3 of our strategic & tactical plans.  

We shall never stop making a stand for Justice.  We shall hold every corrupt and negligent government official and employee, that is connected to & participating in organized criminal activity, which has compromised our national security & has undermined the sovereignty of our nation, fully accountable for betraying our Municipalities, our State, and our Nation.

Furthermore, no one is permitted to officially represent the Permeating Light Project online, in person, at meetings, gatherings, rallies and/or protests, without our letter of representation & signature seal of approval. 

Our Alaska Judges

Our Alaska Attorneys

Our Alaska Therapists

Our Alaska Kids